Vintage Birthday Party

Vintage Inspired 50th Birthday Party

– a very nice menu

Today I am cooking party food for a friend who is having her first party since she was 17 and she wanted to make it very special. She had collected lots of vintage china and wanted to serve tea inspired cocktails in her teacups and serve a selection of canapes with these, before serving bowls of hot food fragrant with spices and herbs. A great option for a large number of people is finger food pudding, which is handed around by our lovely waiters and then left displayed on pretty plates for guests to come and help themselves.

Canapes with tea flavoured cocktails:

  • Tiny cheese scones with red onion relish
  • Miniature sesame savoury cornets filled with oak roast tomatoes and soft cheese
  • Nests of peeled quail eggs with celery salt skewed on to white crystal skewers
  • Lime and coconut marinaded chicken retro black and red bobble skewers
  • Baby Basil and roasted red pepper tartlets
  • Mini silver forks with sweet chilli marinaded prawns
  • Baby smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels presented in silver caskets


  • Lime and coconut chicken with jasmine riceĀ &
  • Butternut and mint veggie tagine with cinnamon couscous


  • Miniature cakes presented on vintage china –
  • Baby meringues with redcurrant ripple cream
  • Sticky orange and pomegranate cake
  • Chocolate cases with mango and mascarpone filling
  • Tea scented baby mini cup cakes


Cut these into little rounds with a small pastry cutterĀ Orange and almond cake recipe & How to make perfect meringues

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