Lunch in the Woods

Get lost in Burnham Beeches and discover The Blackwood Arms

IMG_2531It was another bitterly cold and windy March day and to get out of the wind we headed to Burnham Beeches. Although cold and very muddy, we managed to stay shielded from the wind and the dogs had a great time running around, noses to the ground discovering new scents, tails wagging non-stop.

So the dogs were happy, but what the humans needed was a decent cup of coffee as a reward for heading out early on a Sunday morning. We came across this little pub and were greeted with open arms by the landlord. “Come on in and get warm,” he urged. “Don’t worry about the muddy boots, just close the door quickly.”

I knew as soon as I spied the logs strung with fairy lights in the recess and the roaring fire that we had discovered a cosy haven. Although all the tables displayed a dry log painted with a reserved sign, we were urged to sit down with our coffees right next to the fire at a table which would be needed later. We also managed to squeeze in a couple of glasses of wine, a Guinness and some hearty open beef sandwiches as soon as we’d gulped the coffee.

They can only seat 30 in the little space, but it was the kind of place you always hope to discover; friendly, efficient, and good pub food. We left our doggies in the car, but it is a very dog friendly pub, and when we can come and sit in the little garden at the back, the dogs can come and sit with us.

Do check this place out if you live nearby and like to combine lunch or supper with a walk. This is a proper country pub and perfect for walkers and dog walkers alike. If only all places could be like this. The staff managed to combine being welcoming with being efficient, so we were able to enjoy a bite to eat and a drink before the table was needed again without feeling rushed.

Thanks everyone at The Blackwood; we’ll be back very soon. This is a fine example of how a pub should be run.

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    1. Hi Paul,
      Many thanks for your reply. Lot’s of food for thought there. I have done some volunteer work in both primary and secondary schools and the kids are so eager to learn. I have done what I call “scratch and sniff” sessions where the schools don’t have kitchens and teach the pupils how to use all their senses to appreciate food. It really works! We do not appreciate food in this country and cheap food is not respected which is why there is so much waste.

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