A job in a barn and heart warming stew

This weekend found us in one of the more bizarre venues – a woodcutting mill in Gloucestershire. Our clients wanted to celebrate the installation of the timber frame for their new house and had invited over 80 guests. Forecast was wet, wet, wet and the frame had no roof. Our style of catering is based on logistics for a very good reason; each job is totally different and each has a fresh set of challenges. However, Jane and I are always up for a challenge and devised a brilliantly simple and delicious solution to feeding a lot of people lovely food without access to a kitchen. Fortunately the saw mill workshop had a roof and some electricity so we set up a bar in one barn and a kitchen/servery in another. We handed out our famous mini bagels and parmesan shortbreads whilst guests clambered around the building site, and huddled around the bonfire. We then served up steaming bowls of warming chorizo and butter stew with huge hunks of fresh, locally made focaccia. Finger food pudding was squares of our popular chocolate fridge cake and orange and almond cake. As it turned out the people were lovely and the food went down really well. Everyone had a great time, loved the strangeness of the situation and best of all, it didn’t rain.








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