A Fashionable Dinner


specially designed menu for fashion launch
specially designed menu for fashion launch

I recently came across this old hand written menu, which was created for a fashion launch way back in 1989. The designers of fashion house, Workers for Freedom, launched their new all-white collection and we designed the dinner around this theme. There were around 100 guests, who we seated at one huge, long table in the Mall Galleries on The Mall, London. I organised the menu with tiny little punctuations of colour, such as the glossy green lime leaves for the main course and three tiny raspberries for the pudding. The cheese sables were sprinkled with a shower of white sesame seeds, the cocktail was clear and the chocolate truffles were white.

By all accounts it was a massive success, but having worked hard on all the details of the event,  I was on a plane bound for Australia so wasn’t there on the evening.


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