40 minute meatballs

One of the joys of being self employed is that you are often out and about whilst the rest of the world is at work. The downside is, of course, that when everyone else is either out enjoying themselves or on their way to bed, you are working. However I really value my morning walks in the park, and am so lucky to live near the most beautiful park with really good coffee right in the middle of it. This tiny little mobile van is manned by the ever cheerful Pietro who dispenses coffee con amore and great cooking tips. Even the wettest, coldest and dullest of days are improved by a walk to the coffee shack; I always come away with my spirits lifted ready to face the day’s work. Chester, the dog, also enjoys it as some of the regulars slip him bacon from their freshly prepared bacon rolls, dog biscuits or even on occasion a taste of ice cream. Last Thursday Pietro described the meatballs he had made the previous evening. “You gotta use pork and beef, maybe a little bit more beef than pork. And it ‘as to be good meat you know? I mix it up with some ‘erbs – what do call it? A bit of garlic, a bit of basil, some flat parsley. And make them big – you want a decent mouthful. Then you fry.” I asked him how long for and he said “40 minutes”! When I looked surprised, he told me that they are big and need a long time. “Don’t hurry it. You need a bit of patience and then – delicious!” So sometime soon I will be making the 40 minute giant meatballs, although I still love the Nigel Slater Polpettini recipe best…




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