A few years ago, I  left home for three months to live at Ruskin College, Oxford on a Ransackers Course. This was an incredible initiative designed to inspire older learners who had not previously benefited from higher education. An intensive course it’s aim was enable new students to write a full dissertation and included tuition, accommodation, free […]

  I recently came across this old hand written menu, which was created for a fashion launch way back in 1989. The designers of fashion house, Workers for Freedom, launched their new all-white collection and we designed the dinner around this theme. There were around 100 guests, who we seated at one huge, long table […]

Stretchable Lunch Party Food This is the ideal family weekend lunch; easy to assemble, tasty and can be stretched if more people turn up. My friend Dawn and her Jack joined us for lunch on Easter Monday and I made a lunch to suit everyone. I’d made some focaccia bread and teamed this with a […]