Today we were out marking the best spot to watch the Olympic Men’s cycling race tomorrow. Our plan is to walk in through the pedestrian gate, stop for coffee and bacon rolls before heading through the Olympic Circles cut in the grass in Richmond Park, then on towards the barriers. Walking at my rate will […]

While the hot weather remains with us, this is amazingly refreshing and a lovely alternative to the daily cuppa. Of course there will always be those tempted to add a drop of rum or vodka for an early evening pick me up. And why not? Iced Tea 6 ordinary tea bags 10 sprigs mint 300.00ml […]

HOT WEATHER FOOD This is a very refreshing and easy to eat pudding. Hardly any prep involved but you just need to allow time for the jellies to set, so make the day before you need them. In extreme temperatures, jelly melts easily so I would advise adding another half to one extra leaf of […]

Christmas Event Sainsbury’s Last week, I walked into Christmas, as envisaged by Sainsbury’s. Invited along to their as a member of the Sainsbury’s¬†Family Blogging Network, I found myself in some beautiful rooms packed with new ideas and innovations. Here is my pick of the range I saw:< MAKE YOUR OWN The British love affair with […]

It was wet, cold and dark and we’d decamped from the noisy Thomas Cubitt on Elisabeth Street to find some food. ¬†Briefly stopping in the rain to chat to the athlete Jonathan Edwards, we hurried into The Ebury Restaurant and Wine Bar. This is the original, and best, of wine bars and my group of […]

The 37 Celebrate summer with this gorgeous cocktail which is perfect for a party – rain or shine! It is light, slightly scented with rose lemonade and has a nice kick of vodka. We like to use Chase potato vodka, but any premium brand vodka would work. This cocktail was created for number 37 Old […]

Spiced Chicken with Sour Cherries and Pomegranate Feed a crowd by preparing a few fabulous cold dishes then placing them in the centre of the table for your guests to dig in and help themselves. This relaxed approach means that you can make sure the food not only tastes good but looks amazing too. Most […]